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About Acacia Family Support

We provide, free of charge, a wide range of support and therapies to help you recover from the symptoms associated with pre and postnatal depression.  Our services are delivered across Birmingham and they include individual befriending sessions, group work therapy, telephone support, practical support in your own home and massage therapy for parents and your baby.

We have been supporting families affected by Postnatal Depression for over ten years and were set up by two local mothers who both experienced Postnatal Depression and were determined to help other families. 

We work closely with all family members. Postnatal depression affects mums and dads and we will support the entire family.

Our befriending support is delivered by a team of trained volunteers. Some of our volunteers are mums and dads who have  personally experienced and recovered from postnatal depression. They are well placed to support other families affected by postnatal depression.
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